Foxy SEO Tool - A Firefox add-on to help with Search Engine Optimisation

Foxy SEO Tool

What is Foxy SEO Tool?

Foxy SEO Tool offers tools for search engine optimization (SEO), web traffic and page analysis for webmasters and web professionals.

Current version: 2.0.2


You can download this browser add-on at the Firefox Add-ons site. Please leave some feedback on the Firefox site if you appreciate it!

Download Foxy SEO Tool

(version 2.0.2 requires Firefox version 48 and up)


About version 2.0.2

Foxy SEO Tool has been rewritten from scratch to adopt the new Firefox WebExtension API which makes it now compatible with multiprocess architecture (codename electrolysis, or e10s). Instead of the toolbar & context menu tools, FoxySEOTool is now accessible as a button to the right of the location bar (or wherever you decide to customize its placement) which displays a popup where you can access it all. In terms of functionality, it is still close to what you are used to, with some improvements, fixes, reorganization, updates, etc.

Foxy SEO Tool Screen shots

Foxy SEO Tool Screenshot 1

Default view of the add-on when the browser button is clicked. You can navigate the various sections with the top select menu.

Foxy SEO Tool Screenshot 2

Most functions are related to the web site or page in the current active tab, but there are also keyword related functions.

Foxy SEO Tool Screenshot 3

The Search Spider Simulator shows you an x-ray version of a web page showing the semantic sections of the html code, without all the layout and graphical elements, as an elementary search engine would view it.


Want to learn more?

Foxy SEO Tool provides quick and easy access to a multitude of search engine functions and web traffic analysis sites such as Alexa, Compete and SEMRush. You can check a site's listing in important directories like Dmoz, references in Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, shortcuts to useful network functions, social media sites and keywords research tools, etc.

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Foxy SEO Tool also supports a french localized version.

Foxy SEO Tool may contain some affiliate links (ex: Amazon, Digital Ocean), which helps support this extension.

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